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We bet every day on horse racing, only value, only solid information. No long downswings.

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Betting is an investment, follow us, make money, rinse and repeat. Dont go chasing, driven by your emotions...

Winning guarantee

NO RISK! We give you winning guarantee. If we dont make you money, next month is on us, or money is refunded if you dont want to stay.


Who else is so confident they give you money back if you dont win?

Low monthly fee

A very cheap price for a VIP service with a money back guarantee. 20euro month basic and 35euro month for VIP with all maxbets.

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We dont want to many clients, information is best when kept quiet. Thats why our VIP service has limited spaces.

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Happy customers is what we live for. 

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We got the tips and member managment available in apps for both ios and android.

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We have all been there, tipster after tipster, theory after theory, they all fail.  We GUARANTEE you win, if not, money back!


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